Expensive, Fancy-Looking Batteries. What’s the Big Deal?

This is *huge* news. HUGE!

Many of the advantages of these products are mentioned in the video. However, there are 2 which are game-changing. The cost (way cheaper than most analysts thought possible), and the fact that these designs are open source (anyone can steal these designs and build these batteries themselves and sell them and pay Tesla nothing – all with their blessing).

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Elon Musk. He’s single-handedly saving the freekin’ world.

Dual Carbon Batteries

I’ve blogged about a few promising energy storage technologies. Most of which have come to nothing. This might be the latest technology to ultimately disappoint. However, it seems to me that with the huge amount of research being conducted, one of these days a breakthrough IS going to come. Is this it???

Reusable Rockets Another Step Closer to Reality

Watch a rocket take off, hover at 1km and then come back down to land safely.

This is just the latest in a string of successful tests SpaceX have conducted in their quest to build a reusable rocket – one that can launch into space and then return safely to be instantly refuelled and reused.